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I have not blogged about until now, but I'm in Cáceres since last Thursday, where jordi and I came by car from Valencia to attend the DebConf 9.

I'm not doing any Debian work here, but I'm having a good time socializing meeting and talking with a lot of people and attending some of the talks and BOFs.

Yesterday we went to the Valle del Jerte for the Day Trip, where we did a short walk and got to Los Pilones, where we saw a lot of natural pools between the mountains where we swimmed (I loved a small cascade that was like a natural hydro massage system) and stayed there for a couple of hours until we had to go back to the bus to visit another natural pool on the village of Jerte, that time a big one built inside the river that was also very nice.

Anyway, what I wanted to say is that yesterday's Day Trip was another good example of how the Debian Project helps its users and developers; when we were walking back from the mountains to pick the bus we found Debian people on a cross road telling us what was the right way and after a little while we found a Debian Sign on the floor:

Day Trip Go

We followed the advice and we confirmed that it was a shortcut in our way down, obviously installed there by someone from the Debian Project.