StoWiki/ blog/ debian/ LliureX Installer (Part 2)

Two days ago I said I was going to talk about how we generate our CD, the lliurex-cdd package and how the presseeding and package selections are implemented, but I've been quite busy and unable to do it for one reason or another.

In the meantime, the installer has been published and the plan is to write an explanation on how the distribution has been built for the LliureX website.

As that would be written in Spanish, I'll translate it and put it on this blog next week instead of writing anything here now.

Besides the points listed on my original post I will also include notes on how we handle our package pool and will give detailed instructions on how to to generate a LliureX repository using reprepro to get the packages from a Debian mirror, the security archive and our pool, as I feel that would be a very good option while our website has no mirrors and I'll probably include the proposed scheme on the classroom servers on the next release.