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Well, I've already given my talk and I think it went well. I had enough public because a lot of people came to listen to Ian Murdock and I was giving my talk after him ... ;)

I've had some technical problems because I'm now using my new PowerBook G4 and I had not tested the VGA output (well, I did but it didn't work) and I have not been able to use my laptop with the projector.

Besides, the wireless card that was working yesterday stopped doing it (later I have discovered that my MAC address was erased from the router by accident), so I had to use the slides I left on yesterday night, that had some bugs (well, the one that is there now probably still has a lot of spelling mistakes, if I use the slides again I'll review them).

Today I've been talking about one of the issues we discussed about in the Valencia Congress, I think that the main problem with debconf is that we don't have a standard way of using the question answers to modify the configuration files, if we had one (based on cfengine of config4gnu or whatever tool we agree on) the pre seeding used on CDDs like DebianEdu would be a lot easier to add to packages (adding low priority questions to them with sane defaults for the standard Debian distribution).

Everybody agrees that it is a good idea, but I have to learn how cfengine and config4gnu work and see if they are appropriate (if config4gnu is nice I'll send an ITP, but I want to test it first).

I'm not saying anything about Jordi and Amaya because I don't want to leave them without things to Blog about ;)